Based out of Columbus Ohio, MidWest Woods strives to provide quality hardwood furniture and goods to its consumers. At its roots our furniture will always feature top craftsmanship, great design details and locally sourced woods. All with a retro modern feel.


Each piece of our wood comes from Midwest America—anything from deconstructed barns to trees cut for “the greater good”. The wood, like each of us, has a unique story and a place of origin. We identify the "roots" of each piece by labeling it with a latitude and longitude of where it was harvested. So do some exploring and find your furniture’s roots.

All of our furniture is limited run due to the fact that we can only get set amounts of wood for each product line. So get them while they are hot, when we run out we can't and won't press the repeat button.

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Using old tools and old ways, we build every piece by hand. Because we give the utmost attention to quality craftsmanship and construction, our pieces stand the test of time, hopefully outlasting the life of the wood's tree. It is our hope that these pieces will create meaning in your home beyond the functions for which they were built.

----- Hand Built In Ohio -------------------------------------- +39° 57' 40.49", -83° 0' 1.57" -----

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